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Meet Your Beach Bonfire Attendant: Sullivan

Where are you originally from and what did you do before 30A Blaze?

I’m originally from Anderson, South Carolina. I was raised on a commercial chicken farm. The past 3 years I’ve worked at Marble Slab Ice Cream

How long have you been in the Area?

I’ve been in the area for about 4 years. I just graduated from Seacoast High School and I’m 18.

Where is you favorite place to hang on 30A?

I like hanging around Blue Mountain on 30a.

What are your 10 year goals?

After the summer I will head off to Jacksonville, FL and will attend flight school. I hope to be a commercial pilot in 10 years and explore the world.

How do you spend your free time?

I love drawing and music. I’ve played piano for 4 years and guitar for a year and a half. I also love skateboarding and I spend a lot of my time outside skating or at the skatepark.

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