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Design Team Feature


Jennifer Stein 

beach family photo

1. Tell us a little about yourself:


I am a wife and mother of 2 incredible girls, who enjoys being creative in my spare time. All while raising my family. 


2. What is your favorite beach memory?


I have several beach memories but, the most recent one is from last year when we attended one of 30A Blaze bonfires with friends. It was our last night at the beach and we wanted a fun and relaxing night. It was so nice to just show up and have everything set-up. We ordered pizza for the kids, brought drinks, and had ordered charcuterie from Blue Magnolia which was incredible I might add. We got to enjoy laughing and hanging out while the kids played and had a good time. The night ended with s'mores for all and a beautiful sunset. It has to be one of my favorite memories!


3. What about 30A Blaze made you say "yes" when we asked you to work with us?


There was no question in my mind, I was honored to do work up some designs for Lyndsey and Davin. They are the type of people you get the pleasure to work with and for. They value each person on their team and want to highlight each person and they give them the freedom and opportunities to shine. 

4. Where did you draw your inspiration from for your 30A BLAZE designs?


I draw my inspiration for this project from current trends, the different beaches that 3OA Blaze sets up at, and collaboration with Lyndsey. 


5. Pick one of your designs and walk us through it: 


30A waves tee was inspired by the seventies and elements that people enjoy

the most about the beach. This 70's design brings in movement and color to

combine both the sunset and waves from the ocean. I selected the colors for

the design based on warmth and a happy feeling. Last, was the aged effect that

was applied to give it that old but favorite tee shirt feel. 

6. Best advice for anyone planning a beach bonfire for the first time?


Make sure to order food, bring drinks and relax!


7. What is one item that is always in your beach bag? 


A hat for each family member is a must in our family beach bag. 


8. Any final thoughts you want to add: 


3OA Blaze is not just a bonfire company they are family company who provides lasting memories and a wonderful experience. 

30a shirt
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