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Meet Your Beach Bonfire Attendant Adam

Where are you originally from and what did you do before 30A Blaze?

Baltimore MD. Lifeguard for SWFD and bay county for 12 years!

*Fun Fact: Adam and Davin met while lifeguarding before Davin and Lyndsey met that same summer. We have loved working together again!*

How long have you been in the Area?

Moved here February 2003.

Where is you favorite place to hang on 30A?

Love hanging with my family at the state parks and nature preserves along 30a.

What are your 10 year goals?

To be the best Dad/Hero to my awesome kids & to be an amazing husband to my beautiful wife. GOALS! 💪🏼

How do you spend your free time?

Paddle boarding with my dogs and hanging at the beach with the family!


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