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Meet Our Reservation Team: Amber

Where are you originally from and what did you do before 30A Blaze?

I am originally from California and I’ve lived everywhere

Germany 2002

Florida 2006

New Mexico 2011

Before 30A blaze I worked mainly as a stay home home and part time doing nutrition plans, personal training and kickboxing instructor.

How long have you been in the Area?

Florida 2018 to current (Crestview)

Where is you favorite place to hang on 30A?

My favorite place to hang on 30A is all the beaches and thrift stores.

What are your 10 year goals?

My 10 year goal is to be married, have all the baby’s, home schooling my kids, tending to the chickens and cows on my 30 Acres while growing all the fruits and veggies that I sell at the Market or on the side of the road. Also going on all the mission trips possible.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time with my kids doing sports and shenanigans, serving Jesus, helping single parents where I can, talking to the elders at the church to gain wisdom, reading, going to church, the river and the beach. Riding 4 wheelers and building and repurposing furniture.



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