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7 Things You Didn’t Know About 30A

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Whether you come down in the middle of spring break, and it's crazy crowded. Or you come down in January when the roads are relatively empty there is more than meets the eye to our little beach town.

How many little beach towns are there on 30A?

  1. Inlet beach

  2. Rosemary

  3. Alys Beach

  4. Seacrest

  5. Watersound

  6. Seagrove

  7. Seaside

  8. Watercolor

  9. Grayton

  10. Blue Mountain

  11. Gulf Place

  12. Dune Allen

Now, while the requirements to be a “beach town” are still unknown, those are the most commonly named ones. What is so cool about these beach towns is that each gives off a completely different vibe. This means that there is a little something for everyone on 30A.

Coastal Dune Lakes

If you ask anyone who knows a thing or two about 30A they will most likely bring up Coastal Dune Lakes. Rightfully so considering that these unique lakes are only found in New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, and of course South Walton, Florida. There are 15 along 30A with the largest being Lake Powell just east of 30A.


30A has become quite the hotspot, and it is not only tourists from the southeast anymore. Due to Covid-19 and international travel being more difficult, 30A has become a tourist destination for people all over the U.S. VPS Destin Fort Walton Airport (just a 45 minute drive from 30A) has been named one of the fastest growing airports in America by Bloomberg.


As a local I have heard tourists debate the whole “30A is on an Island” topic many times. Now if you squint your eyes and tilt your head to the side a little I can see what they’re saying, but it's not really the case. You see they are right to say the only way home from 30A is one of the 5 bridges (Hathaway Bridge, West Bay Bridge, 331 Bridge, Mid-Bay Toll Bridge, and the Destin Bridge). However this isn’t because we are on an island. It is a combination between the man made East Pass connecting the Choctawhatchee bay to the Gulf, and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway that connects the Choctawhatchee bay to the Saint Andrew Bay which is also connected to the Gulf through a pass. Considering all of that, yes we are surrounded by water, but if you’re arguing that it is an Island (which it is not) then you could maybe get away with saying it is a “man made island”, but I still think you're wrong.

Don’t Sleep on the State Parks

We have some of the most beautiful state parks in Florida right here in our own backyard. The combination of beaches, coastal dune lakes, and trails makes some of these state parks a must see. 99% of people come to 30a for the beaches and that means these state parks are largely underutilized!

  • Point Washington State Park has miles of trails!

  • Eden Gardens State Park is full to the brim with rich history and beautiful southern live oak trees

  • Deer Lake State Park has beach access, and homes one of our rare coastal dune lakes

  • Grayton Beach State Park also has beach access and is home to one of the biggest and most memorable coastal dune lakes Western Lake.

Beach Bonfires

If you decide to take a beach walk under the stars don’t be alarmed when you see fires all up and down the beach. Beach Bonfires are all the rage right now! They make for a memorable experience for any crowd. There are not many places in America where you can have a bonfire on the beach, especially in places with beautiful white sand and emerald waters. At 30A Blaze we make the luxury beach bonfire experience as easy as it can be! Fill out the form on our website if you’re looking to book!

Not just a summer destination

There is definitely still a drop off after Labor day. However, between the growth of the local population, and people working from home. 30A has become steady year round! Why not come to the beach! January and February we still get a taste of quieter times, but now there are enough locals to keep the majority of businesses open year round.


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