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Veteran Owned

Honor runs deep for both Davin and I as we both have grandfathers who served in World War II and uncles who served in Vietnam. Davin proposed at the Statue of Liberty in uniform to my great surprise and to the surprise of the 100s tourists who didn't hesitate to snap a pic for their travel blog or scrapbook.

Our wedding was made extra special by having men and women in uniform from various branches celebrate with us as we celebrated them.

We found out we were expecting our first baby right before Davin left for his second deployment to Afghanistan and he met her in the airport when she was 8 weeks old. What an incredible moment that was to welcome him home and introduce him to our sweet baby girl. Of course, she already knew him because she recognized his voice from the video chats and recordings I had on repeat to soothe both her and me during those long months apart.

Being a military wife has been a great honor and has given me the upmost respect for all veterans and their families. Being a Veteran Owned Business is something Davin and I are both proud of. Davin not only served his country for more than a decade, but also has started a business to serve the people of Walton County and its beach patrons. This business started with a vision to welcome people to our beaches. The same beaches that have always welcomed him home.

We look forward to serving you on the beaches of Walton County.



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