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The 30A Blaze Team Spends A Day with Epic eFoils

If you haven't already heard of what an E-Foil is prepare to be amazed! We are so grateful for Epic eFoils in Watercolor giving us the opportunity to come out and give eFoiling a go!

The team showed up to the dock in Watercolor around lunch time eager to learn! Lucas and the rest of Epic eFoils staff gave us all a tutorial on how to ride the boards, and next thing we knew we were out on the water flying!

If these photos don't look real... trust us when we say it doesn't feel real either. When the board pops out of the water it truly is a breath taking experience that can't be described. Everything is silent and you're going 20 MPH above water. It is crazy.

Also we want to give a big shoutout to Sharp's Catering for providing an incredible lunch for our team! We use and recommend Sharps Catering to all of our bonfire guests so definitely check them out!

All in all it was an amazing day celebrating our hard working team, and learning how to eFoil!



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