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Everything You Need to Know About Walton Dune Beach Access

Walton Dunes is located just east of Eastern Lake, and about a mile south of 30A. The best part about Walton Dunes is the size of the beach. Some of our beach accesses are small and cramped, but not Walton Dunes. It is as wide and deep as a regulation size football field!

The beach is warm, the water is cool, kids are playing in the sand, all is right in the world. About mid day your crowd gets a sweet tooth and decides to walk up to Kahve and Cream and try some of their delicious ice cream! You enjoy the rest of the afternoon on the beach, then go get ready for your beach bonfire. The sun is setting as you arrive to a lit fire and catering. The scene is set for a night to remember.

Watch the video above for a detailed breakdown of Walton Dunes Beach Access

- Roughly 15 parking spots - No restrooms - No showers & no hose - No Lifegaurd Tower - Located east of Eastern Lake - Lots of space on the beach



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