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Everything you need to know about Van Ness Butler Beach Access

Sandwiched right between Seaside and Watercolor Van Ness Butler is a popular beach access. It has one of the biggest parking lots of all the public beach accesses, but to warn you it fills up quick. Many people park at Van Ness to walk to Seaside or Watercolor due to the limited parking availability.

The beach it self is on the smaller side. It is between two private beaches, and it isn't the deepest. Don't be surprised if it is a couple rows deep when you get there. Especially if you don't get there before around 10am.

Luckily Van Ness has wheelchair accessibility, showers, restrooms, and a lifeguard tower! If you're staying in or near Watercolor it can be the most convenient option.

If you are looking to book a beach bonfire at Van Ness you should know that it can be a hotspot for rowdy teenagers. After 10pm the teenagers can start to gather on the beach. Seaside and Watercolor do what they can to keep them off their property so they're left with only public beach access right between.

All in all I will give Van Ness Butler a score of 6/10. It's a nice beach with all the things you need. Yet it can get busy since it is in such a prime location.



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