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Everything You Need to Know about Santa Clara Beach Access

Whether you are going to the beach for a morning stroll, a bonfire, or to spend the whole day there Santa Clara Beach Access may be the place for you.

Last year Santa Clara was closed for most of the summer season due to construction so it has been great to be able to host bonfires there this year!

Santa Clara Beach Access is located in Seagrove which makes it a great option for anyone staying close by! None of the beach accesses in between 395 and Santa Clara have life guard towers, restrooms, or wheel chair accessibility. So, if any of those things are important to you this is your spot.

Check out this video showcasing Santa Clara Beach Access


  • Roughly 25 Parking Spots

  • Mens and Women's Restrooms

  • Shower station

  • Wheelchair Accessibility

  • Life Guard Tower

  • A decent amount of space to set-up on the beach

  • A GREAT place for a 30A Blaze Beach Bonfire



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