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30A's Best Kept Secret: Fall

The best time of the year is upon us and it's time to get outside and enjoy all the activities that come with fall. From hiking and biking, to pumpkin carving, there is no shortage of fun to be had. Some people love the Fall because football is back, others love having the chance to sit outside without breaking a sweat. Whatever the reason here is how to make the most of this Fall on 30A!

Why It's A Best Kept Secret On 30A

After Labor Day the amount of visitors we have each week will decline, but not stop completely. The Fall on 30A has always been my favorite time of the year because the weather gets better, the gulf is still warm, and the beaches become quieter. Although we won't have a bunch of leaves changing to that beautiful orange color we will still get those colors from our vibrant sunsets and many species passing through on there way down south.

The Weather And What To Expect

One of the best things about Fall on 30A when compared to Spring is that the water temperature is much higher in September and October than it is in March and April. The average water temperature in September is 82.8 degrees, and 78 degrees in October (per At those temperatures the water is still very desirable, especially on a sunny day. Also the air temperature is spectacular. The monthly average temperatures go as follows (per

  • September Average High: 87 degrees, Low: 71

  • October Average High: 80 degrees, Low: 62

  • November Average High: 69 degrees, Low: 51

  • December Average High: 63 degrees, Low: 49

When you see the statistics on September and October it's pretty easy to see why the locals love this time of year! It is cool in the morning and warm mid-day making for ideal beach conditions! Not to mention emptier beaches and roads. As the days get shorter the beach bonfires get earlier, and the warm fire becomes more and more cozy. I will explain to you what a 30A vacation day in the Fall looks like, and please try to find any imperfections (there aren't any).

The Perfect Day on 30A

You and your family wake up and walk to the nearest coffee shop. It's 65 degrees which makes it ideal sweatshirt weather. By the time everyone has eaten breakfast it is 75 and sunny and time to hit the beach! The beach is beautiful, not crazy busy, water is warm, and by the end of the day you have acquired a golden tan. After you finish dinner you make your way down to a 30A Blaze Beach Bonfire. Between the chilly sand and wind the beach bonfire becomes your best friend. You watch the sunset over the Gulf with the people you love most finishing off an amazing day on 30A!



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