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30A Blaze Beach Bonfires

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Booking process

Please review our booking process and time line below. 
Step 1. Use "Book Now" feature to schedule your bonfire. For events and private access fires, please use the contact form below. 
Step 2. After the bonfire purchase using the "book now" feature, we will confirm your bonfire appointment, package details, and secure the permit. If we have an conflicts with date, location, or permit, we will reach out within 24 hours to offer new options or a refund if we cannot accommodate. 
Step 3. Do nothing. We will purchase your permit once we are within 2 weeks of the bonfire date when permits go on sale. If your requested access is sold out, we will reach out or use your second choice. All beach bonfires must have a permit from SWFD. Bonfire permit fees are included in all bonfire prices. 
Step 5. On the day of your bonfire, we will send a confirmation text and email with details. Your bonfire location is listed on your invoice and in your appointment details. A list of accesses can be found under our "locations" tab. 
Step 6. Show up and Enjoy. Your attendant will meet you on the beach. 
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