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The Beginning

Thank you for stopping by! We are so excited to introduce ourselves to you and share more about life on the beach. If you haven't visited Walton County, we want to share what makes this place so special. If you are already a fan of our beautiful landscape and famous South Walton Beaches on 30a, you can find helpful tips that even the locals will love.

Now, back to introductions. We are Davin and Lyndsey Hand. Even though we were both raised in Walton County, we didn't meet until our college years when we were both working on the beach for the summer. We instantly connected and felt as though we were discovering a love that was always there. Lyndsey was a classically trained singer seeking a career in Opera and Davin was Military Police seeking a long term career in the Army. We instantly connected and felt as though we were discovering a love that was always there. Fast forward 8 years, two beautiful daughters, one very long deployment, and a few career changes. Davin had worked with several beach service companies as well as a lifeguard with South Walton Fire District. He knew the beaches and formed relationships with beach patrons and visitors and cared about the quality of their time here. He began to envision a beach service company to would go beyond simply meeting their needs.

30A Blaze was born to serve our guests and locals with the best we can offer. We want you to feel important, like an extension of our family. Over the past two years, our customers have become just that. We love the look of excitement as you walk down the boardwalk and see your beach bonfire blazing and your chair already waiting for you to soak up the sunset. We love to see your families gather together to make precious memories of laughter and smiles as you relax with one another. We love to hear the chatter of your conversations as you build deeper relationships with your friends under the shade of our umbrellas. Your celebrations of marriage, birthdays, retirements, reunions give us joy. We love to create a space that is cozy and inviting, relaxing and exuberant, that invites peace and ignites life.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you follow along with us as we share our love for what we do and the beautiful place where we work. If you make a trip to #30a, we hope you give us a call.


Davin & Lyndsey

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